Pelvic X-Ray


There are a multitude of conditions that can cause both back and neck pain. We used advanced imaging techniques to ensure our patients' safety is alway ensured. Below are some of the procedures offered for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

  • Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar epidurals

  • Transforaminal Epidural Injections

  • Caudal epidurals

  • Trigger Point Injections

  • Facet Injections

  • Medial Branch Blocks

  • Radiofrequency nerve ablation

  • Spinal Stimulation

  • Kyphoplasty

  • Percutaneous Discectomy

  • Sympathetic Nerve blocks

  • Stellate Ganglion Nerve Blocks

  • Celiac Plexus Blocks

  • Sacroiliac Joint Injections

  • Ganglion impar block